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Why Planterest?

Digitally design a new interior with Planterest


Get inspired by ambiance and product image. Planterest shows a wide variety of interiors showcased with plants, decorative pots, vibrant green walls, and even realistic artificial plants. Let these images help you design your perfect space.


Creating a mood board with your selected images is a breeze. Use your mood board to visualize and communicate your design ideas to others, or simply use it as a source of inspiration as you bring your vision to life.


The plant and pot configurator is a digital tool that enables you to create a custom visual of your plant and pot pairing within your own images. Additionally, the configurator offers the option to create a virtual green wall with just a few clicks.

Create moodboards

Planterest as your future partner

From Image to moodboard. Select, create and download.

Visualise your new space

The plant and pot configurator

Improving interior landscaping

About us

Welcome to Planterest, your go-to source for all things related to indoor planting and greenery. With years of experience in producing images of interior spaces adorned with plants, we take pride in being the producer of the popular Plants XL books. Our extensive knowledge of plants is also compiled in WikiPlant, providing comprehensive information on various species.

At Planterest, we believe that anyone can design and create a beautiful indoor garden with our resources. From sourcing plants from nurseries around the world to installation in various projects, our expertise in indoor plants is unparalleled. With Planterest, you can bring the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors.

- Sander Kroll, Founder

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